Beatboat 2 is coming on Saturday 29th of July

Oooohooy again sailors! 🐳
It’s almost the floating time of the year! Kaljakellunta/Beerfloat and Beatboat 2 is coming on Saturday 29th of July. Starting from Vantaa Heureka at noon. 🍻
This time we are playing literally in the streams on the water, not just streaming on twitch 😎 so live dj-sets from our beautiful Beatboat and some ig-live during the day. You can float with us to listen or spot us from the bridges through the riverside.
Besides the music, beer and chill floating we keep also the Roskapaatti/trashboat spirit up♻️
Onboard with @salakollektiivi this year
@crystaldnb @xmies23 @forest.mind @mysteerisignaali @_jeerryy @koshtech
@aniir @sase_vaan
and huge thanks for the
Stadin Panimo and HEPS OY and Rekolan Kino supporting us 🙌🏻


May be an image of boat and text that says "29.7. lauantaina klo 12 Heurekalta kohti Kirkonkylän myllyä BEATBOAT DJ-PAATTI KALJAKELLUNNASSA 12 Djane Crystal 13 Xmies 14 Mysteerisignaali 15 Forestmind 16 Zones 17 Kosh 18 Salavaraus 19 Yagura Liity laivueeseemme nauttimaan musiikista ja kesäisestä kellunnasta! Vastaanotamme myös Roskapaattihenkisesti tyhjät pullotja roskat @salakollektiivi HÄMEEN ERIKOISPUUSEPATOY STADIN PANIMO"

BeatBoat2022 -stream is on Saturday 30th of July!

⛴ Ahoy!
#BeatBoat2022 -stream is on Saturday 30th of July! ⚓️
Heading to the #beerfloating (#kaljakellunta ) this year? No more wet hands and phones to set up your music, as we have you covered with an endless multi-genre stream🫡
Beat Boat will bang tunes into your boats (or where ever u r) from noon until 9pm 😎 tune in for the music at
Dj Snowball
Dj hapan korppu
Dj Vompatti
Dj Apetsii
@salavaraus @xmies23 @askelelere @paidatonriehuja @djhapan_korppu @telmwilson @sase_vaan joku aka #djsnowball @aimo.pold @vompatten @os_wilson @aniir Rekolan Kino