Saksalainen TV-kanava etsii suomalaisia ja saksalaisia näyttelijöitä

Haluatko saksalaiseen telkkariin kertomaan Kaljakellunnasta? Kyseinen TV-kanava etsii suomalaisia ja saksalaisia kellujia TV-ohjelmaan. Alla yhteystiedot:

“Finnish and German people wanted for German TV-programme.
Kaljakellunta goes German TV
Protagonists wanted!
You’re a Finn or a clique of Finns and Kaljakellunta every year is a fixed date for you? For more fun you’re building your own crazy ship and even it’s transport is a challenge? Or you’re a member of the first hour? Get in touch with us! For a TV Report on german television we are looking for protagonists to accompany with our camera.
You’re interested or want more information?
Please contact me: [email protected]
Best regards,