Boats and Accessories

On this page you will find some of the best boats, floats and other accessories for the Kaljakellunta Festival. With thousands of people participating in the event, you will often find Finnish department stores with all boats out of stock just before the event. Therefore, it’s recommended to order your gear online well in advance of the event. Below you can find a list of some amazing stuff for the festival. Click on the links or photos to find the products on eBay. 

Inflatable dinghies

Different sized dinghies are available on eBay for a good price. Below you can see some great examples. Do also check out our review of the SS-Goodtimes boats, that have been developed specifically for beer floating. You can get these from the warehouse in Helsinki or order locally by mail. 

Floating rafts and Islands for groups

If you are looking for a larger raft for a group and don’t want to build one, you can find plenty on XXX. You can get large floating rafts and “floating islands” that cost more than individual boats, however if shared by a group they can be actually cheaper. Some of these are delivered from outside the EU so make sure to order a few weeks in advance. 

Other floating devices

Various floats designed for swimming pool can be also found on eBay. Do you want to stand out from the crowd with something unique? Check out the selection on eBay as well as the examples below:


In addition to a float and beer, it’s always good to get some additional equipment to make your day amazing. You can find a variety of stuff below, such as beer coolers, life vests and other equipment.