Tourist info

Are you travelling to Finland from abroad to participate in Kaljakellunta? That’s great news and the Finns will give you a warm welcome! Read the page below to find out some practical information for your stay. 


If you are travelling to Finland for the event and wondering where to stay, you have two options; staying either in Helsinki or Vantaa. It is highly recommended to stay in Helsinki as you will have a lot more things to see in the capital city. The event itself is in Vantaa area, however getting there from Helsinki is easy and won’t take you long. On the other hand, if you are on a budget and want to stay as close to the event area as possible, Vantaa might be a better alternative as it’s also cheaper than Helsinki. 

Hotels in the capital city area and Finland, in general, are VERY expensive. If choosing a hotel, expect to pay a minimum of €80 per night for anything decent. It is strongly recommended to use Airbnb instead; it is much cheaper and you will typically have a better-equipped room with a kitchen to cook lunch and breakfast. It’s also a great option if you want a bigger place to stay together in a group. 

Use this link to get a €34 discount off your first Airbnb booking. 



If you are looking for a hotel it’s best to use, as it’s the cheapest of all the booking websites and it shows you the final price immediately (without hiding VAT + service rates like some sites do). Click here for Hotels in Helsinki and here for Hotels in Vantaa.

Boats and Accessories

We have conducted some research to find you the best deals on inflatable dinghies as well as more some more interesting means of floating, such as inflatable canoes and even floating party islands, as well as essential accessories for the event. Check them out at the Boats & Accessories section!


Although no one has yet drowned in Kaljakellunta and injuries have been minimal, everyone must understand that the combination of alcohol and a deep river is a deadly combination. We have collected a set of tips, which do not ensure full safety but will improve it as well as your overall experience at the event. Read more here.