Kaljakellunta 2020

Date: Saturday 01.08.2020

There has been talks on the Kaljakellunta Forum that the date for Kaljakellunta this year will be on Saturday first of August. There are multiple events for this date on Facebook. 

Due to the active COVID outbreak, we recommend following the advice of Finnish authorities on gatherings when the time comes. 


Starting point: Tammisto 

The floating route varies year by year, but usually it starts either from Tikkurila in Vantaa behind Heureka Science Center, or from Tammisto in Vantaa. Traditionally, the routes alternate between the two options each year, so by this logic the Beer Floating will start from Tammisto in 2020 as it started from Heureka in 2019.

Boats and Accessories

With thousands of people participating in the event, you will often find Finnish department stores with all boats out of stock just before the event.

Therefore, it’s recommended to order your gear online well in advance of the event. Go to our Boats and Accessories section to find a great selections of suitable gear for the event with links to stores where to purchase them.

You can also get some of the SS-Goodtimes boats locally from Helsinki.


Tourist info

Are you coming to Kaljakellunta from abroad? Check out our tourist info section for pratical information for your stay. Protip: hotels in Finland are expensive and the best option is to use AirBnB instead. Get off €34 from your first booking with this link.